An inside view: Admiralty Station

  • Admiralty Station is on Hong Kong’s South Island Line (East), which is 7km long and has 5 stations in total
  • The HK$450million project began in 2011
  • The below-ground work was particularly challenging, with all teams having to work together to ensure the job was delivered safely

Extensive civil engineering projects such as the work at Admiralty Station are often challenging and in this instance, the tunnel portion of the project was particularly so. A 42m shaft leading to four sets of 150m platform tunnels and transitioning into two 200m overrun tunnels – all connected via a central cavern – meant that innovative digital engineering techniques were required in order to install the precast shaft. This part of the project was actually delivered five weeks early, thanks to the innovative techniques.

The project also saw an intake of workers with specialist skills to help the project’s progress along, including Project Manager Adrian Stearn, Health and Safety Manager John Hannon and Construction Manager Ralph Goninan. 

The first train left the station on 28 December 2016 at 5.55am. 

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