One Bishopsgate Plaza jumps to it

Project Engineer Mairead McGeeney, Project Manager Conor Considine and Construction Manager Steve Paskins are part of Laing O'Rourke's Expanded Group, currently working with Lendlease, to build the structure of One Bishopsgate Plaza, a mixed-use development owned by UOL.
The project is a 43-storey tower which will contain London’s first Pan Pacific Hotel –Pan Pacific London, a swimming pool at level three, the biggest ballroom in the city with 380 seats (which also doubles as an events and conference facility), and 160 private residences on the upper levels of the main building.
The Expanded team, who are managing concrete pours for the building’s core, hit the ground running with 250tons of reinforcement delivered in the first working week. The team have also installed giant 18m high columns, which will remain exposed and provide a striking external appearance for the building.
As Project Manager Conor Considine explains, “One Bishopsgate Plaza is being constructed with a jump-form core and post-tensioned floorplates, and we’re currently at levels 21 and 16 respectively. Progress to date has been based on complete thinking, but also a desire to innovate and think differently to meet new challenges. Whether it's been robotics on steel supports or 300T mobile cranes, the team continue to find ways to get the job done.”
Construction Manager Steve Paskins updated us on progress this week. "The geometry on the core is about to transform as the building alters from hotel to private residences. This will see the removal of stair and lift cores and the introduction of twin walls. Expanded are predominately using double height columns, pre-cast stairs, landings and twin walls alongside innovative solutions ranging from laser profiled steel edge shutters, permanent riser formers and pre-bent welded cages. All walls here can be placed in one single shift."
In terms of next steps, Project Engineer Mairead McGeeney said: “Another key element of the works is an architectural, structural stainless steel hanging system we are about to install on three feature corners of the building. This involves fitting large stainless steel nodes into the glazed cladding units in Holland and casting them into the slab on site. To achieve that it will require precision engineering and monitoring to ensure there are no unexpected slab movements during the construction stage.” 
Expanded, along with their key delivery partners including Explore Manufacturing, Praeter Engineering and Ocean Yacht Systems are working together with Lendlease to ensure a safe and efficient delivery, with further progress to come in the weeks and months ahead.

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